“Refreshing, authentic, easy to work with fantastic results at an affordable cost.”  


Putting some Clear Blue Water between you and the competition has always been a wise thing to do.

It’s our argument and our business offer that, these days, it’s absolutely essential to help you grow, delight customers and protect your future.

Sink or swim ahead, the choice is yours and always keep a weather eye out for the sharks who might steal your lunch or take a nibble.

We offer expert consultancy and training and our client portfolio is growing thanks to superb results and delivery as well as an innovative client collaborative approach.

Have a look at TEST THE WATER to see our range. Your business matters to us and we design everything we do with you in mind and place the right, authentic consultants into your workplace to deliver fantastic, cost effective outcomes and improvements.

We’re not an overhead driven organisation with thousands of people to pay and you won’t be given an office junior with little practical experience to assist you devise and deliver the wholesale critical business decisions and training solutions which affect your future.

We insist on our clients working only with top national and global class experts who are schooled and skilled in delivering expertise for large, medium and small organisations through extensive collaboration and significant career experience. Check out our TALENT POOL to see the calibre of our associates.

Clear Blue Water delivers. Our clients tell us so and are delighted with our results in the areas of training and business consultancy.

Our values are simple; authenticity, expertise, enthusiasm, collaboration.

Thanks for taking the time to visit us.  Email taketheplunge@cbwss.co.uk to find out more about what we can do for you.



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